City of Knowledge work permits

The City of Knowledge offers a number of benefits and services for companies or nonprofits organizations  committed to innovation and sustainable development. It also offers special concessions for academic institutions and schools.  Here, companies may hire any international or foreign staff needed for their operations and investigation.

City of Knowledge work permits

Notably, the most important immigration benefits are the following visas and work permits:

  • Investigator
  • Instructors or professors
  • Technicians

The immigration department additionally has special visas available for students and for the investors themselves.  These permits are all “temporary visas”: they do not grant permanent residence in Panama. Therefore, the maximum amount of time and renewals for any such residency is 6 years.

Visa requirements:

  • photos
  • passport copy
  • power of attorney
  • application
  • immigration forms
  • health certificate (issued here in Panama)
  • City of Knowledge foundation – certification (that the company or nonprofit organization exists and has a contract in CoK) regarding the applicant and their expected length of stay in Panama
  • Employment letter

Work Permit requirements

Later, once you have your immigration application approved, you apply for the work permit to the Ministry of Labour.

  • power of attorney
  • application
  • passport copy
  • immigration ID copy
  • copy of the contract with City of Knowledge (the company or nonprofit organization)
  •  employment contract: original and copy
  • passport photos
  • Certification from the City of Knowledge Foundation

For more information regarding these requirements, please contact Joan Villanueva.

Other benefits

The City of Knowledge boasts 120 hectares (almost 300 acres) with more than 200 buildings that have been specially fitted for this project. In addition, it has a Convention Center, a Business Center, executive offices, videoconferencing, and offers state of the art communications infrastructure.  They have a guaranteed electrical supply, with redundant power sources, as well as getting their water supply directly from the Panama Canal substation.

In social and sports facilities, they offer:

  • accommodation
  • sports & recreation facilities – soccer fields, Kiwanis sports village
  • schools & day care centers
  • restaurants & bakeries
  • medical centers
  • mini-mall “The Plaza” – with ample parking, outdoor and indoor seating

The City of Knowledge is easily accessible from Clayton or Albrook, with many options for accommodation, housing, and schools.