Contract Law

Contract Law

Gray & Co., lawyers, provides contract-drafting and contract-review services that extend to nearly any type of contract, including vendor contracts and commercial contracts, confidentiality agreements, license agreements, employment and consulting agreements, leases, and joint venture agreements. Whether it’s assisting with new or existing contractual relationships, general terms and conditions, concept maps, or discrete contract review, we can provide you with cost-effective and high-quality contract-drafting and contract-review services.

One of the most common problems we have as lawyers, is clients showing up with a problem that has arisen from a contract that they signed without legal advice.   They may have signed without first reading it carefully or, worse yet, without having understood what they read and signed (or signed in Spanish without a translation to English).

Another common mistake is thinking that the same rules apply to the sale of services as apply to the sale of goods. Commercial contracts are different from civil contracts (private contracts between two parties that are not considered by the law to be “in commerce”, such as the sale or purchase of a home).

Another common mistake is using a contract template from a common law country, without taking into account that Panama’s legal system is based on the Civil Law (Napoleonic Code).  While it is easy to download a contract from the internet and “adapt it” to your needs, there are risks involved in using a template from another country in Panama without having some knowledge of the laws that apply in Panama.

Our contractual services include:


Do not simply assume that the contract with which you have been presented is not open to negotiation, because it may be possible to obtain a win-win compromise that both parties are better off with.

We can review or draft your contract terms to identify what terms may cause you difficulty in the future, to avoid a potentially litigious situation down the road, ensuring that your contract terms are not ambiguous.  This will ensure every detail includes specifications like time, dates and the detailed responsibilities of each of the parties in the contract.