Business Succession Planning

We recognise that your business is  likely your life’s work.  We seek to ensure that our clients’ businesses survive after a change in leadership, by assisting to establish a plan to ensure continuation and maximise the return for the founders of the business.

A business succession plan should clearly state the intentions of the business owner regarding ownership, operation, and control of the company, as well as identify the steps that will be taken in the interim to facilitate a peaceful transition process.  We recognise, and we assist our clients to recognise, that business succession planning is an investment in the future of the business for all parties: owners, employees and clients.  Planning is always the key to ensure future success for everyone whose efforts have helped the business to grow.

Gray & Co. understands that each business should have a succession plan that emphasises the commitment to long-term growth, creating confidence for customers, lenders, employees and key suppliers. Clients should understand that the succession plan takes place in phases, over time, starting with a reorganisation of the equity, updating wills and trust, and reviewing insurance policies. From there, we will review with clients any Shareholder agreements, compensation agreements and policies and plans for key executives.

We recognise that it will probably be necessary to establish an advisory board to strategise, design and implement employee incentive plans, utilising independent professionals who can contribute objectively, with specialised skills and experience.  We will also coordinate with our client to periodically review and update the plan as  circumstances change.

In the end, the business succession plan has to outline in detail the who, what, when, why, and how changes in ownership and management are to be executed.

We look forward to assisting you with your specific needs.