Banking & Finance

The past few years in Panama’s financial sector have been the most challenging and have required fresh thinking as the markets adjust to continually changing economic, political and regulatory conditions. Clients trust us to take a practical, business-oriented approach to achieving their objectives, with a clear understanding of the expectations and requirements of both sides to a financing transaction.  As the world markets continue to be volatile and unpredictable, we work with our clients to establish relationships with financial institutions as borrowers, lessees, and other capital users, developing short and long term plans in this uncertain environment.

We can assist clients with the legal documentation required for the following transactions:

  • Asset-based loans
  • Bridge loans
  • Cash flow loans
  • Cross-border financings
  • Leveraged financings
  • Multi-currency financings
  • Secured loans
  • Working capital facilities

We also work closely with other professionals to develop innovative structures and to facilitate the smooth consummation of transactions.