Tax department: online payment system

Online payment of taxes:

Panama’s tax department recently announced that they have upgraded their website to accept online payments.  According to the notice published January 2018, they now accept online payment through their website:  This notice indicates that you can pay either online or pay in their offices at the cashier’s desk.  Until this year, they would only accept payments through specified banks, cashier’s cheques, certified cheques, or deposits into their account in Banco Nacional or Caja de Ahorros. They now allow you to pay with Visa, Mastercard or debit cards (Clave). They do not accept American Express (AMEX) or other cards.

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How to use the online payment system:

In order to pay your property taxes online, you need to log into your personal tax account. This means that you need you TIN (Tax Identification Number – RUC) and your NIT (the password). In the case of your property this is the property number – hyphen- location code. For example: 123456-8305. As for your corporation, this varies – but it known as the RUC. For your personal tax ID, that depends on your cédula number or 8NT as a foreigner.

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You need to press “Iniciar Sesión” in order for the pop-up window to show you where to log in.

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Once you are logged in to your account (either person, corporate or property taxes), you will be able to use the online payment details window.  You can pay one at a time: i.e. personal or corporate or property.

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If you decide to pay your property taxes this way, we recommend that you then proceed to print an updated statement of account. Always keep your own file of payments made, as you would of payments made through the bank or in person.

Gray & Co. will still continue to pay annual government fees for clients for their corporations as we have done in the past. But with respect to property taxes, you should request that we continue to do this on your behalf as you can now pay online.

If you have any questions regarding this update, please do not hesitate to contact our office.