Special Visas in Panama: not work permits & investment

This section of “special visas” covers a myriad of options, such as those covered by special laws and situations. One of those is “married with a Panamanian”. Another is “Italian Treaty” visa.  And still another is the “student” visa for University students.

Special Visas:

The following is a list of the visas that we can assist with, which do not require an investment in Panama or give you a work permit.

  • Pensioner Visa / Pensionado – retired person
  • Italian Treaty
  • Authorised or Stamped Visa applications – require a sponsor (family or corporate) for Panama
  • Fullbright Program of Education & Cultural Exchange
  • Student at the City of Knowledge
  • Married to a Panamanian
  • Dependent of a permanent resident
  • Foreigner with Panamanian children
  • Missionaries, pastors & religious organizations

As you can see, these visa options are very specific to a set of circumstances.  Most of them will not apply for you, and you will probably want to look at Work Permit or Investment visa options. But, if you fall into one of these special situations, and you want more information regarding one of these visas, please do not hesitate to contact Joan Villanueva. We would be happy to assist you with your immigration needs.